Davidge, Paul

So we finally did it… after years of talking about it… I finally had a shoot with Davidge. Why? just for fun… I guess… it will not be the last time too.. the concept was to get a bunch of mannequins and dress them up like Davidge.. in his designer suits and skinny ties.. but there was a little disconnect and he didn’t bring all the right clothes. so they weren’t all matchy matchy.. which wasn’t bad in the end.. they had no heads.. but as Paul said.. it just represents the void of personality people in LA tend to represent.. which is not true when it comes to my friends! And of course… I wanted to have his Porsche included in the shoot because it would just be more Bond like… cool and chic. So here are a few pics that are my favorites from the shoot… and if you’re interested in seeing more pictures of this handsome chap… you can check out www.sharlenedurfey.com/davidge

Paul Davidge Esquire

Action Davidge

look at those eyes!

What are you looking at?