So, Valentines day is coming up… I don’t really care for this Hallmark Holiday… never have.. if you’re single.. it makes you feel more alone… if you’re in a relationship, it makes you feel like you have to do something special.. on that day.. when you should really do special things all the time! But last year, on VD, I attended a Winter Ball.. it was a benefit for 826LA.. a non-profit organization that helps local kids be creative and learn to write… also helps those teachers trying to do the same. It was at the Alexandria Hotel, downtown Los Angeles.. (meant to be haunted). We all dressed up in our floor length gowns.. well, most of us.. but all were glamorous indeed! I’ve never posted these pictures on my blog.. so I thought now was the time. These are all my gorgeous friends.. they were all my valentines that night!

K and K

Iliana at the Alexandria

I think Krisztina sees a ghost

winning line-up

What is she telling him?

stranger in tulle