wet plate collodian…. not.

So… I got invited to join Iliana on a shoot with her friend Luther Gerlach… He was going to take her picture using the wet plate collodian technique… using an old fashioned camera from the 19th century.. he created his own traveling dark room in the back of a milk truck.. Luther is an amazing artist.. and he let me tag along.. I am sooooo grateful! Coming from a digital background myself.. when it comes to my photography.. this was the first time I actually saw the process of this type of photography.. hands on.. intimate photography. I have stains on my hands from some sort of chemical(s)… between shots, while Luther was preparing the plates, I ran around with Mojave (my camera) and took some shots of Iliana.. I was also taking pictures with Luther’s old Hasselblad as well! So fun!!! Hopefully I’ll get scans of those once he develops them. So here are some of the images I took of Iliana.. I went monochrome to try and capture the feel of what Luther was doing with his prints… I was totally inspired by Luther and by Ojai.. such a beautiful city! Lush… And Iliana… gorgeous as always… and so in her element here in the stream. If you want to see more of my images from this shoot.. go to www.sharlenedurfey.com/iliana

iliana in ojai 1

iliana in ojai 2

iliana in ojai 3

iliana in ojai 4

iliana in ojai 5

iliana in ojai 6