the changeling… revealed.

Ok.. so I had this big idea.. did a photoshoot as a “rough draft” for an ultimately more styled, more intentional concept.. I am making a flip book. I don’t know if you guys remember those old children’s flip books.. when you could interchange a giraffe’s head with a hippo’s body and duck legs? … Well, this is what I wanted to do.. with my friends.. with the stylish people who live in my life.. These pictures below are some combos I put together.. but you can play yourself! go to and there’s a little flash page where you can switch out each section (head / torso / legs) with a small selection of my friends… I did this last year.. was keeping it on the DL so no one would steal my idea..  but then I thought.. i just need to get it out there.. it’s too funny to keep to myself! so check it out! hope you think it’s as funny as I do. I will do this again.. so if  you don’t mind posing for me one day.. I’ll be callin’ on you!

ilitraaron = iliana + tracy + aaron

luheclene = lucy + hector + sharlene

marikelliana = marisol + kelly + iliana (con chico the dog)

junilitor = jung + iliana + hector

traaronhec = tracy + aaron + hector