Paris… ooh la la

Paris was our first stop in Europe! My sister Shari and I flew from LA and eventually (3 hours) found our way from Charles de Gaulle airport to Gare du Nord (train station) to bus 26 to our cute little apartment in the 20th Arrondissement.  It should’ve only taken us 1 hour.. But it’s not easy when you don’t speak the language. However, the beauty of the streets and the buildings and the people and the street-side cafes does not get old.. My favorite part was riding the subway.. we became pros at finding out way from where ever we were back to our apartment offa the Gambetta metro stop. Doan joined us after a couple days.. We saw the Louvre (just outside), Eiffel Tower, walked along the Champs Elysees, hung out in the Italian Quarters and the Marais.. walked along the Seine.. we pretty much walked all over the place. And of course got lost in the Pere Lachaise cemetary.. but not before meeting up with Bekka and Joe! So much fun was had!!!! but the food was terrible. 😦 Next time I’m doing my research on the food.. affordable food apparently doesn’t taste very good unless you know where to go… and we didn’t. Here are some pictures!

covered with kisses from women of the world...

love this tomb

fists in the air!!!

I love the metro!

The Louvre pyramid at sunset

defying gravity