Cinque Terre… well, Monterosso and Riomaggiore

I think most people have heard of Cinque Terre… although, I hadn’t until just this year. It’s a cluster of 5 towns on a cliff bordering the Mediterrenean. No streets for cars.. you can take a train from one town to the next.. or you can walk / hike from one to the next.. or you can take a ferry boat that stops at all the different towns… the first one is Monterosso al Mare.. it was the most touristy of the towns.. popular for it’s beaches.. we avoided this town until the weekend was over.. the farthest town is Riomaggiore.. I think this was the quaintest little town.. ¬†unfortunately we didn’t get to any of the other towns (Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola). Due to a misunderstanding on my part.. we meant to stay at one of the towns but we ended up staying in the town right before.. Levanto.. I would suggest to anyone who wants to visit Cinque Terre to stay in Levanto.. much less touristy and just as convenient of a location to explore. Here are some of my favorite pictures from these towns.


Monterosso 1

Monterosso 2