Black Swans

Yes, I saw the movie… and loved it… I think Natalie Portman is so talented… she won me over in the Professional… but I’m not talking about the movie here… I’m actually talking about some black swans… Over the Christmas holiday I went to Kauai, Hawaii with my family.. it was such a relaxing vacation! So many animals.. especially chickens! We came across these black swans in the front of a hotel… they shared a pond with hundreds of koi fish.. and I think the koi fish figured out a way to get fed before the swans.. as one swan came up to us in hopes of getting fed, a swarm of adult koi fish gathered together underneath the swan and nearly carried it away.. you can see this in one of the photos..

black swan w/ coy fish

swept away

single black swan

swan in the coy pond


a pair of black swans