Secession Obsession

I haven’t mentioned it here yet… but I am about to launch my own line of luxury tshirts for men and women! It’s called Secession (inspired by the Secession Artists of the 1900s.. and their iconoclastic spirit) It’s been so exciting! I have a partner, Carlos, who I’ve been working with since October. I am acting designer, creative director, photographer, graphic designer, ect… we recently finished doing the first collection’s screen printing at the print house in South Central L.A. I loved getting to be there.. even though I’ve done it before, I learned sooooo much more by being there over a period of almost 3 weeks. I just launched the Secession Obsession blog and I’m working on the website.. but I thought I’d post a few images here of some of the pictures I took of the screens while we were sampling. The samples are now being sewn and should be done by this weekend.. I leave for India on Monday and will be taking them with me to shoot on friends.. Marisol and Maneesh are getting married there! So much fun to be had.. so many pictures to take! And when I get back, I’ll be sharing them here. 🙂

standing out in the crowd

this might look familiar to some of you.. from my pics of Venice.

zig zag print - women's colorway

speckled confetti

XXX screen red

XXX screen grey