let’s start with some polaroids…

Technically.. they aren’t Polaroids… they’re Fuji’s version.. but the name polaroid has become synonymous with those pictures which we know to develop in front of our eyes.. I’m still getting a hang of my Instax… but I did manage to get some good pictures this time.. Here are some of my favorites… I really wanted to take more, but I forgot to bring it along most days.. and it’s just so big and clunky.. to fit Mojave and it in my bag is not so easy..

boys will be boys


best way to get around Delhi and Gurgoan


mustache prep


auto rickshaw / aka toot toot


some holy man


Street vendor in Old Delhi


teas tease


at the world famous Karim’s restaurant in Old Delhi


Jantar Mantar, New Delhi


baby piglet with white socks!