Shanghai, China

In the same trip as when I visited Japan about 6 years ago, I also spent a good 2 weeks in Shanghai, China… Being half Chinese, I wanted to try and learn the Mandarin language (of which I took lessons at UCLA before going) and I planned to visit one of my aunts who was living and working in the city at the time. Shanghai, although beautiful and ripe to explore and shop in.. was a completely different experience from Japan.. I preferred Japan (even though it was waaaaaaay more expensive), but thoroughly enjoyed China (minus all the staring). I haven’t yet posted any pictures on my website of Asia.. but here are some of my favorites.

side street in an old part of Shanghai


hung out to dry


Shanghai’s view from the Bund


man on couch in an alley


on a rickshaw in Zhu Jia Jiao


tailor in the streets