Alexander McQueen at the NY Met~ Savage Beauty

Sometimes I find myself in these amazing situations… and I wonder, what did I do right in a past life to have such a blessed life this time around!? Or do I just know the right people? My friend Doan knows the event coordinator for the Met.. and he hooked us up yesterday! We were able to view the Alexander McQueen exhibit on the one day of the week when the museum is closed.. we weren’t the only ones in the museum.. there were others who were allowed this special privilege (including Barbara Walters and Stephen Jones). So, to be able to peruse and take my time viewing this INCREDIBLE exhibit was a true gift. And w h a t a n a m a z i n g exhibit it was… I recommend it to everyone!!!! There were no pictures allowed… but I was able to sneak some pics with my phone.. and I got some video too!!! (I’ll post some video in the next blog post). McQueen was a true genius.. it really breaks my heart that he’s no longer with us.. what he’s left behind is a treasure and a legacy from which we can all be inspired by.

spiney corset

pink horsehair dress

gold suit

coral peacock hat

wood fan skirt 5