Screen printing for Secession!

Without being redundant.. I just wanted to post some pictures of some images I took while at the print house over the last couple of weeks.. as you may or may not know, I’ve launched a clothing line called Secession. We are developing our second season! Spring 2012.. The fashion schedule always frustrates me.. you see this stuff, but you can’t get it for months.. well, that’s just how it goes. If only we could snap our fingers and forget about that nasty production process.. would be a huge relief! But alas.. we must make the clothes.. but before that.. we need to make sure they look cool.. hence the sampling process. It’s my favorite part of it all.. after I design everything, it’s when it all comes to life.. and you get to be such a huge part of how it looks at the print house. Without further ado.. here are a few images .. and for more.. check out Secession Obsession! It’s where we update everything Secession related!