The Plumed Serpent

Gosh… I have some talented friends! And I’m the lucky one that gets to photograph what they’re good at.. Recently my friend Daniella White participated in a pop up boutique at Foundtrack on La Cienega. She had models wearing some of the head dresses… and other were displayed on the wall… towards the end of the night people started wearing them… it made for a magical crowd! I pulled a few of the girls aside to take some photos across the street.. Trashy Lingerie seemed like a great background for an inpromptu shoot… here are some of my favorites… you can see more of them here.

The Plumed Serpent – worn by Shakti Shannon


Alexandra in the Plumed Serpent head dress

Alexandra in front of Trashy Lingerie

Iliana in the Plumed Serpent