Istanbul / Fashion part II

On my last day in Istanbul, I got back together with Asli Jackson for a final photoshoot. She called on model, Nurcan Ibrahimoglu. Along with the help of Argun Jan Bestepe (the designer of the fabulous burgundy rhino-inspired shoes/ankle boots featured in both of my photoshoots) and Ahmet Akkaya (a fabulous Turkish musician and film creator). We all headed towards Galata Tower and shot some of Asli’s newest creations. All looks were styled by Asli. We got access to a rooftop that had some beautiful views! And a photoshoot wouldn’t be complete if a cat didn’t get into a shot! Even though in my first shoot, you don’t see a cat.. I had many pictures of Elif when she was on the stairs that had a cat as the co-star. That’s one thing I didn’t know about Istanbul.. aside from the 14 million people in the city.. there are probably at least 7 million cats roaming the streets!