Yes, I’m obsessed with the new Beyoncé album along with the rest of you guys.. and as soon as I heard this song, ‘Flawless’.. I knew I wanted to make a music video with people who were, let’s just say.. comfortable in their skin… epitomizing flawless in a tongue in cheek kind of way.  I recently shot a photo essay on the Ladyboys for the upcoming third issue of The Quarterly (a beautiful new photo magazine out of the UK).  During our shoot, while we waited for the return of their fearless creator/choreographer, Ryan Heffington (a man I admire and love for all that he does and is), who was teaching his weekly Sweaty Sundays class that started this all.. I shot a little video footage of these gentlemen.

The article accompanying my photo essay was written by one of my favorite people, Marisol Arteaga. She gave these men a voice to reflect on what it actually means to them to be a “Ladyboy.” The Quarterly is currently campaigning a Kickstarter to raise funds to publish this issue. Here is a link. Support print! Support creative and individual freedom to express yourself through dance! As soon as the magazine is published.. I will post some images of the Ladyboys in all of their flawlessness. And a big thanks to Beyoncé!!!