Flawless outtakes

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh… I’m super excited! I’ve got a 10 page spread coming out in The Quarterly Magazine! I’ll be sharing those images and the accompanying article (words composed by one of my favorite people, Marisol Arteaga) once I get my copy in the mail. The images are of the Ladyboys and Ryan Heffington (the original Ladyboy, costumer and choreographer).  But for now, in anticipation of the release.. (launch party in London on the 3rd of April.. let’s go!) I’m posting some outtakes from the shoot that didn’t make it onto the pages. Check out the preview here and preorder it!

Fierce and Flawless

Family Portrait

Through the looking glass

Drew Hinckley / Flawless

Ryan Heffington by Sharlene Durfey