Ruffles, Curves and Color!

There were a couple rolls of vinyl in my shared photo studio for years.. and finally, when Jessica Huerta was visiting me there, we noticed the rolls and got permission to take a few yards of a couple colors (Thanks Kai!!!) and this is what she made. It’s a ruffle boa, which we fashioned into a chapeaux!  I have a feeling you’ll see these pieces again in a future shoot. It’s quite magical.. how the light shines through and how the edges glow in the day light!  We had about 15-20 minutes to shoot and the sun was just right. I’ve edited these photos adding colored highlights and shadows. It was originally shot with a white background in Sylvie Blum’s outdoor studio space with natural light.

MUA: Cristina Waltz / Costume design and styling: Jessica Huerta

vel in vinyl-4

vel in vinyl-6

vel in vinyl-2

vel in vinyl-12

vel in vinyl-3

vel in vinyl-1

vel in vinyl-11

vel in vinyl-9

vel in vinyl-8

vel in vinyl-7

vel in vinyl-10

vel in vinyl-13