Fringe Benefits

Last year, around this time… I was working on a fully fringe outfit for Halloween.. all I knew is that I loved fringe. So I decided to be slightly conceptual and be Fringe Benefits.. or Fringe with Benefits. I sketched it out… ok, I’m sharing these because I think they’re hilarious.. (I never claimed to be good at drawing!)  and also, because I think it’s fun to see how something can start out a shitty sketch and turn out to be a beautiful actual reality.

My favorite place to go when making any costume or when I’m just looking to be inspired.. is a secret.. I really want to share this with you, but this place is just such a wonderfully kept secret that those of you who know where I’m talking about would be happy that I’m not telling the world about it. I’m really sorry. I’ve already said too much. But anyhow, without the generous help of my friend Joanna Hadfield, (who is an incredible costume designer). We worked in her atelier around this time of the year! She really helped me so much! She figured out how to make those amazing shoulder pieces!

I didn’t look half as stunning in my costume last year as Nicole Zimmerman looks in it. And thanks to Jessica Huerta who came through in a pinch to help us with makeup. She is actually another talented costume designer I know and work with who can double as a make up artist and photography assistant! Happy Halloween season!