Sharlene Durfey is a Berlin based image maker. Calling herself an image maker is a way  to differentiate herself from other photographers. She understands that making an image, whether it’s a still image or a video is a process that might include a camera, a computer, maybe even a phone, scissors, glue and lots of creativity. Her first love was graphic design. But she was then lured into the fashion industry by her love of fashion and style. She quickly learned that she could combine all of her passions into one.  Her talents are strengthened by her creativity and ability to collaborate with talented individuals who inspire her.

Before recently relocating to Berlin,  Sharlene lived Los Angeles and before that,  San Francisco. To see more pictures, you can visit her website at www.sharlenedurfey.com You are also welcome and invited to follow Sharlene on Instagram @sharlenedurfey.