Mother Nature

It’s not often when a friend of yours is pregnant… Currently.. my friend Paola is 6 months pregnant with Luna… her daughter-to-be.. I love the name.. in fact, I named my beloved cat… Continue reading

just found…

well… I actually found this months ago when I was in Vietnam.. but I just found the picture… no description is needed… it was one of the funniest things at this market.. one… Continue reading

wet plate collodian…. not.

So… I got invited to join Iliana on a shoot with her friend Luther Gerlach… He was going to take her picture using the wet plate collodian technique… using an old fashioned camera… Continue reading

book sculpturlicious!

There is a jewel of book store hidden away in the back of Lawson Fenning in Silverlake.. this store is called Ivanhoe Books.. run by my bff Lucy Spriggs… she’s quite the curator… Continue reading


So, Valentines day is coming up… I don’t really care for this Hallmark Holiday… never have.. if you’re single.. it makes you feel more alone… if you’re in a relationship, it makes you… Continue reading

the Glitterati

So recently… I participated in the “sweaty sundays recital”… a dance performance benefit put on by Ryan Heffington, my dance teacher.. he’s amazeballs! One of my favorite performances was by these boys… they… Continue reading

Grand Bahama Island

Yep… I got to go to the Bahamas! It wasn’t even on my “list” of places that I wanted to visit… but I couldn’t pass up a free plane ride and a free… Continue reading

Grand Bahama Pines

So I didn’t realize that the Grand Bahama Islands were most known for their pine trees… they are everywhere!!! all these pictures are what I like to call, “drive by shootings” … ┬áthe… Continue reading

Freetown, Grand Bahama Island

Aside from the beaches… one of my favorite things about the Bahamas was our tour of the East End… more specifically Freetown. And according to our guide, this was one of the first… Continue reading

Davidge, Paul

So we finally did it… after years of talking about it… I finally had a shoot with Davidge. Why? just for fun… I guess… it will not be the last time too.. the… Continue reading