Sharlene so quickly… part 4: Cao Dai Temple

So, outside of Saigon is the country… where we went to go visit Doan’s grandma… but on the way, we made a stop at this famous Cao Dai temple… one our way there… Continue reading

Sharlene so quickly… part 3: Halong Bay

From Sapa, we took the overnight train back to Hanoi where we were dropped off at the city’s center lake before sunrise… we walked around this lake watching all the people do their… Continue reading

Sharlene so quickly…. part 2: Sapa

After returning from Con Dao, my friend Doan and I went up north to a mountain town called Sapa.. We stayed at the most amazing little place called Topas Eco Lodge (which I… Continue reading

Sharlene so quickly! …. part 1: Con Dao, Vietnam

So I visited Vietnam… one of the quickest trips to anywhere I’ve ever taken… not that it was for THAT short of a time… 10 days.. but my ambitious intent to visit 6… Continue reading


Color beach also came with umbrellas! I got these in Chinatown for so cheap! You too can have beautiful paper and silk painted Japanese style umbrellas for the beach… I recommend staying away… Continue reading

color beach

What happens on a windy day at the beach? well, when you have three beautiful girls and some color… something really nice happens. If you’d like to see more go to

masked beach

Just another sunny day in good ol’ Southern California… we are very lucky people down here… I must say. I lied… it wasn’t just another day… it was a beach day! It was… Continue reading

Kucoon in the desert!

On Sunday, I shot my friend Sheila B.’s jewelry line for Kucoon.. she has the most beautiful jewelry.. you can see more at http://www.kucoondesigns.comĀ  We had an idea that didn’t quite pan out… Continue reading

my ode to Salvador Dali

this is one of my favorite photos…