Sabin – L.A.

Sometimes I photograph interiors.. and when I do… I imagine some impeccably styled, gorgeous model placed somewhere within the frame. However, recently my friend Sabin Ousey launched his furniture line (that you can… Continue reading

The Grotto | NSFW

There is something so beautiful about a woman who is comfortable in her skin. I’m lucky to have friends who let me take pictures of them in their skin. These photos were taken… Continue reading

Freshly Cut

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Oh, how I love them so! Especially when they are curated and arranged by a visual genius. The v.g. behind the floral styling in this shoot is Doan Ly. Doan lives… Continue reading

Ninja Twin Powers

Ninja Twin Powers by Tracy Marcellino As they leapt across the So You Think You Can Dance audition stage, the Ninja Twins (Nick and James Aragon) mouthed the words to Michael Jackson’s “Man… Continue reading

Oh Boy! Oh Boy Les Mecs!

I recently did a photoshoot with the super fantastic and extremely talented L.A. based synth-pop duo, Oh Boy Les Mecs! Not only are Tracy Marcellino and Hanford Pittman really really nice people, but they are… Continue reading


I’d like to introduce you to Bianca DiCesare (in case you didn’t already know her). She is about to release her first single, “Open Sesame”! I think you’ll fall in love with the… Continue reading


Her name was Charlotte Sometimes. And sometimes her name was Jess, or Jessie, or Jessica (if you’re nasty!) Singer and songwriter, Jessica Charlotte Poland has started a new project called Laces. Personally, I’m… Continue reading

The Quarterly – Tribes

And here it is! I’ve uploaded the digital version to my website so you can actually read the article written by one of my favorite humans, Marisol Arteaga. I love how this concept… Continue reading

Flawless outtakes

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh… I’m super excited! I’ve got a 10 page spread coming out in The Quarterly Magazine! I’ll be sharing those images and the accompanying article (words composed by one of my favorite people,… Continue reading


Yes, I’m obsessed with the new Beyoncé album along with the rest of you guys.. and as soon as I heard this song, ‘Flawless’.. I knew I wanted to make a music video… Continue reading