I’d like to introduce you to Bianca DiCesare (in case you didn’t already know her). She is about to release her first single, “Open Sesame”! I think you’ll fall in love with the… Continue reading


Her name was Charlotte Sometimes. And sometimes her name was Jess, or Jessie, or Jessica (if you’re nasty!) Singer and songwriter, Jessica Charlotte Poland has started a new project called Laces. Personally, I’m… Continue reading

The Quarterly – Tribes

And here it is! I’ve uploaded the digital version to my website so you can actually read the article written by one of my favorite humans, Marisol Arteaga. I love how this concept… Continue reading

Flawless outtakes

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh… I’m super excited! I’ve got a 10 page spread coming out in The Quarterly Magazine! I’ll be sharing those images and the accompanying article (words composed by one of my favorite people,… Continue reading


Yes, I’m obsessed with the new BeyoncĂ© album along with the rest of you guys.. and as soon as I heard this song, ‘Flawless’.. I knew I wanted to make a music video… Continue reading

Diego Val-iant

I recently had the pleasure of spending the day with and photographing Peruvian singer/actor/model Diego Val. This guy is ready to take over the world, specifically starting with Latin America! I recently saw… Continue reading

Whitney at her Fiercest

Earlier this year, I shot Whitney Fierce at the Salton Sea… we have been holding on to these images for awhile but recently decided to let them go into the ether. Hair, make-up,… Continue reading

Anthony Greenfield in color…

More shots from the Sunday afternoon with Anthony Greenfield, in color. This man has a great career ahead of him. He is currently represented by Wilhelmina LA, New Madison Paris and Major Models… Continue reading

Anthony Greenfield in shades of grey…

I spotted this man, Anthony Greenfield at the Ellen Von Unwerth opening party at Fahey/Klein Gallery. I knew I wanted to photograph him. However, I had no idea how much fun we’d have.… Continue reading

When in Barcelona…

take pictures of a beautiful girl? Is that how the saying goes? Well.. I am making up that saying now… because that’s exactly what I did. Miriam Lozano, a model, dancer and actress,… Continue reading